A lot of attractions on the Weekend / 週末はいろいろハシゴ

写真家 アーチスト 名古屋

I went the world cosplay summit in Osu the last Saturday.  I met Jin Murata and walked around and shoot many pics.  Fukuoka and Kuwa-san, Yo-san came to join us too.  We shot a lot of pictures.  Jin even brought his "university owned" SLR with him to enjoy the whole thing.   I happened to meet my colleague from the photography school where I teach.  It's a small world.  I thought I would meet more students though.  After the festival, we went barbecue restaulant in Osu. The barbecue was just great!  Next day, I went a live music event of my student and motion picture event organized by another sutdent at Brazil Coffee in Kanayama, Nagoya.  Most of all events are consist of voluntary members and performers.  They all seems easy going event that are enjoyable because they have taste of summer vacation.


土曜 大須はコスプレサミット、村田氏とおちあいうろうろと、、福岡氏 くわさん ようさんも登場 とりあえず写真を撮りまくる。 写真学校の先生にもばったり、狭い街だ。 意外と学生おらず。 終了後とんちゃん焼きへ うまし。 日曜はライブ、金山のブラジルコーヒーでの映像イベントとイベントハシゴだった。 どれもがほぼ自発的メンバーなイベントである。 そのユルさが夏休み的で楽しめる。 

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