PAC (Photography Arts Caravan)  ぱく 

PAC (Photography Arts Caravan) was founded by Ko Yamada

as a forum style post school for young photography artists in 2002.

It moved from Nagoya, Japan and is located in Ichinomiya-city, Aichi, Japan.

PAC members mainly consist of graduates from photography colleges, universities

and willing young artists who just started learning photography. 

It is not a so-called "photography club", but a photography forum. 

PAC does not organize member show, but helps each member's indivisual show.


Members of PAC are accostomed to have Yamada's home cooking dinner together on Friday evenings.

PAC takes a Japanese style socializing sistem saying "share the food out of the same pan"  for every friday evening to maintain family networks of emerging photography artists.


PAC (Photography Arts Caravan)は若手写真家の集まるフォーラムスタイルの塾として2002年より発足

名古屋市名東区から現在は愛知県一宮市に移転 代表:山田亘








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Latest Project

2019年1月から約1年間に渡って開催される、名古屋市中区錦2丁目「長者町」のアートxデザインx農業のプロジェクト「ART FARMing」の代表を務めます。  まず最初のプロジェクト「長者町アートハッカソン」が現在開催中です。

Ko Yamada is the exective director for a year long project of Art X Design X Farming called "ART FARMing".

The first project called "Chojamachi Art Hackason" has  started.

Art Projects

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